Destiny Pools

Destiny Pools had been doing business in Lubbock and the surrounding area for many years, but not had the time to build a website.

TruittWeb worked around their busy schedule to create a site that allows them to show off their amazing work.

Purpose Medical Mission

Purpose Medical Mission wanted to do something special for their 10th anniversary. TruittWeb redesigned their site to illustrate the impact they've made over the years.

The site includes information about the countries they've served, photo galleries, and the different ways potential volunteers can get involved.

Cameroonians of Lubbock

Cameroonians of Lubbock (CAMOL) is an organization dedicated to providing a social support system for Cameroonians and people of Cameroonian descent. They wanted a website to make it easier for potential new members to find them and to show some of the work they've done to give back to the community.

TruittWeb designed a colorful site (based on the Cameroonian flag) with pictures of previous events and community service projects along with a page dedicated to the CAMOL Endowed Scholarship.

Excellent Automotive Repair

Excellent Automotive Repair had a Yellow Pages website, but the owner felt it looked dated and wanted a more modern look.

TruittWeb developed a site based on newly created print marketing materials to help build a cohesive brand.

This site includes the ability to schedule an appointment to drop a vehicle off for service.

Aspire Recovery Centers

Aspire had two separate websites with similar information and it was becoming difficult to keep both sites updated. After opening a new location, they decided it was the right time to combine their two sites into one.

TruittWeb developed a site that contained all the incredibly useful information from the previous sites, but still emphasized the distinct benefits of each of their locations.

Steady for Life

Steady for Life has a proprietary fall prevention and therapy program they use to help prevent falls in their elderly patients. They wanted to make this program available online to their affiliates.

TruittWeb developed a responsive site that allows physical therapists to enter diagnostic data and receive personalized exercise and education advice for their clients. Since these therapists typically work in their patients' homes, making the site responsive was key. This allows the therapists to use a tablet or phone to enter data as they collect it.

All data is saved in a database, so users are able to run pre and post program comparisons and view summary statistics. This allows therapists to track their clients' progress and the effectiveness of their therapy.

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