Gordito's Mexican Restaurant

Gordito's had a website that was starting to show its age.

TruittWeb created a vibrant new site to match the feel of the food they serve. And the animated lights on the homepage emphasize the warm ambiance of the family-centered restaurant.

Excellent Automotive Repair

Excellent Automotive Repair had a Yellow Pages website, but the owner felt it looked dated and wanted a more modern-looking site.

TruittWeb developed a site based on newly created print marketing materials to help build a cohesive brand.

This site includes the ability to schedule an appointment to drop a vehicle off for service.

Aspire Recovery Centers

Aspire had two separate websites (one for each location) with similar information and it was becoming difficult to keep both sites updated. When they opened a third location, they decided that was the right time to combine their two sites into one.

TruittWeb developed a site that contained all the incredibly useful information from the previous sites, but still emphasized the distinct benefits of each of their three locations.

Land of the Heart

Land of the Heart offers beautiful settings for weddings and other events. To best show this, TruittWeb developed a site that put the focus on the location's stunning videos and pictures.

The picture galleries automatically adjust to present the images in a flattering grid. The pictures can also be viewed full-size with a custom blurred background that automatically changes to compliment the colors of the picture being viewed.

Christian Legal Center of Lubbock

The CLC provides access to legal representation and education for those in need. Since they were just getting started, they needed an easy way to get the word out to community leaders while clearly presenting their mission statement.

TruittWeb developed a responsive website that is eye-catching and also provides quick access to information about upcoming events.

Brick Doctor of Lubbock

Brick Doctor of Lubbock had no internet presence and the owner felt he was missing out on work as a result.

TruittWeb developed a clean, responsive site according to the Better Business Bureau's advertising guidelines that outlines the kind of work they perform and displays before and after pictures.

Payne Family Realty

Payne Family Realty had a website with lots of useful information, but they wanted to update the layout and look of their site and make it more mobile-friendly.

TruittWeb developed a responsive website with a focus on cleanly presenting the large amount of content they had put together over the years.